Getting started takes only a few minutes. Install our lightweight tracking code with just a few lines of javascript. After you’ve embedded Pushvert code, your visitors will automatically receive a prompt to subscribe to your site. With just one click they turn into a subscriber! You can even add custom opt-in prompts to encourage visitors to subscribe. Once you send out a push notification, you can promote it on the platform and get others to push it to their subscribers.

Multiple Webistes

You can enable push notifications on unlimited websites for free with the ability to jump between them in just a few clicks. Ideal for entrepreneurs, startups and enterprise users alike. We don't restrict you to number of websites you can manage.

Free Co-Promotion

Push notification campaigns can be promoted on Pushvert network which are then pushed by other bloggers & website owners leading to increase in traffic. You promote their notifications, they promote yours and everyone is happy.

Campaign Metrics

Easily track which campaigns are performing the best or driving the most sales. Get in-depth report of each and every campaign in a user frienly interface. Using utm parameters you can easily monitor the output in Google analytics.

Get more traffic and conversion

The reach of your campaign is amplified multiple times as other bloggers and website owners push your campaign to their subscribers. Free targeted cross-promotion leads to increase in traffic and revenue for everyone.
Pushvert co-promotion is completely free to use. You use your allotted coins to promote and earn coins when you promote the notifications of someone else. Pushvert simply acts as a marketplace for website owners who are interested in freely cross-promoting their websites via the most effective marketing channel i.e., push notifications.