How to get started with Pushvert cross-promotion in less than five minutes

Sending out your first web push notification using Pushvert is a breeze. To get started you obviously need a Pushvert account. So in case you don't have one first go and register for a free Pushvert account. You don't need a credit card of need to feel a long form to register. Just you email and preferred password and you are good to go.Once you register, you will receive an activation email. You need to click the activation link in the email which will verify your email and activate your account.
Now you can login to Pushvert and add your website/blog for which you want to enable push notifications and copromote. You need to fill a few details about your website.
For better experience we suggest that you create a Google GCM API key and enter the API on our system. But that is optional.
Push notifications only work on https enabled websites so it is advisable that you get one. But don't worry that doesn't stop you from using Pushvert. We'll create a unique subdomain of your choice with SSL support which you can use for the purpose.
Once you have entered the details one of our admins will review the details and approve your website. That's it now you just have to embed the JavaScript code in you blog/website and push notifications are enabled for your website.

Your blog visitors will get a prompt asking for their permission to receive push notifications. If they accept their tokens are stored on servers and hureay you got a new subscriber.
Sending a push notification is even easier. You just need to fill a few details like call to action text, a small details, the landing page URL and upload an attractive image for the notification. Once you submit the details it is ready for delivery. You can then push it as and when you need and as many times as you need. Please note that one coin is deducted for each notification sent. You get 50k coins every month so don't worry about running out of coins.
Once you push the notification it is queued and sent out gradually and you can track the stats on your dashboard easily.
So now that you have sent out your first push notification why not promote it and get more eyeballs, clicks and conversions.   Creating a push notification promotion on Pushvert network is a cakewalk. Choose the campaign which you want to promote and just enter a few details. You need to mention the amount of coins you want to offer per successful notification sent. Mind you that 20% commission is charged for using the service. You need to set budget for the promotion and your desired start and expiry time for the promotion.
Once you are done it is displayed for promotion to all other users. You can opt to let them push it to their subscribers instantly or they can apply which you can either approve and push yourself or reject.

Hola that's it you got free promotion for your campaign. Can it getter more easier? You say.
So what happens if you run out of coins. You can always promote others and earn more coins. After Pushvert is a copromote network. You can off course buy coins at a very discounted rate during the beta period if you prefer not to promote others.  So what are you waiting for? Get started now for free.